Why Insurance Rates Are Reduced in Superior, Wis.

Issue 16 and Volume 62.

Why Insurance Rates Are Reduced in Superior, Wis. In a recent interview, Chief Olaf Johnson, of Superior, Wis., gives his view’s on the way to reduce insurance rates which are sound in principle. The gradual reduction in basic fire insurance rates, which has taken place in Superior for many years, is due to constant and painstaking efforts to improve fire protection and eliminate conditions that increase fire hazards, and in no way an accident. Insurance rates are based on building construction, water works, fire department, fire alarm system, and building laws and their enforcement. We have been unable to effect a sweeping reform at one stroke in order to improve the efficiency of the department, but we have endeavored to better the service each year and these efforts will continue until Superior has a model fire department. One of the principal requirements of a fire fighting machine outside of its…

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