Hot Coal Fire at Omaha.

Issue 16 and Volume 62.

Hot Coal Fire at Omaha. A fire that kept 27 men of the Omaha fire department busy for two hours and was not stopped until a number of sheds were burned down, caused only small loss to the coal yards of the F.tchison Coal Company, situated in the northern part of the city. Second Battalion Chief Jeremiah Sullivan was in charge of the fire. He received the alarm by phone at 1.34 p. m. and when the scene was reached the buildings were all involved. The property occupied half a block and contained much coal in storage, and it is stated that the cause of the fire was spontaneous combustion among the coal in one of the sheds. A difficulty in reaching the flames was that the nearest hydrant was 800 feet away, and it took some time to connect up 4,000 feet of hose. An American-LaFrance pumping engine, three…

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