O. J. Childs Company Equips Fire Truck for Hazelton

Issue 16 and Volume 62.

O. J. Childs Company Equips Fire Truck for Hazelton The O. J. Childs Company, Utica, N. Y., recently made a 1912 model Packard touring car into a fire truck and an illustration of the apparatus appears on this page. The equipment consists of steel hose body, capacity 1,000 feet of 21/2-inch fire hose. This has two heavy polished brass hand rails, large rear step and a tool box arranged in front of the rear step under the hose body, which is amply large enough to carry all the necessary tools and wrenches. The floor of the hose-body is made in two sections, so that this can be removed for doing any repair work on the axle. One “Utica” type “E-l” 35-gallon modified Holloway tank, with by-pass valves, 21/2-inch hose connection, hose reel with 200 feet of ¾-inch chemical hose and “Childs” Shut-off Nozzle. One extension ladder, two 12-feet lengths. One…

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