Issue 16 and Volume 62.

WATER RATE FOR SCHOOLS IN ST. LOUIS. The Million Population Club in the Mercantile Club of St. Louis, Mo., has indorsed a recommendation by the legislative committee that the public schools and libraries be allowed the lowest flat meter rate for water, 5 cents per 100 cubic feet. The board also went on record as opposed to the water rates bill now pending in the Board of Aldermen, which makes no provisions governing the water used by public schools. The legislative committee report, drawn up by M. Hartman, chairman, points out that under the pending bill the public schools will be classed as individual users and rated at the same meter terms. The committee states that, while the pending bill will lower water costs to the small consumers, it will increase it to the larger consumers, including the public libraries. During the past year, the report sets forth, the public…

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