Testing Penitentiary Meters

Issue 19 and Volume 62.

Testing Penitentiary Meters A test of the meters in use at the penitentiary at Jefferson City, Mo., recently made, shows that the state pays the Capital City Water Company for two and one-half times as much water as is actually consumed at the prison. The prison water bill amounts to about $10,000 a year, or more than $800 a month. According to tests made by the engineers, the bills should have been only $4,000 a year, or $333 a month. The engineers began the test by emptying the large reservoir tank and filling it again. Water was run into the tank until it was one foot deep, which made 379 cubic feet of water. A preliminary test showed that the meter registered 730 cubic feet. Measurements of the tank then were made, and the point of the tank register was marked, so that the test would be completely accurate, and…

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