Issue 22 and Volume 62.

FIRE CONDITIONS IN PORTLAND The National Board of Fire Underwriters Comments on the Fire Department of the Oregon City, in a Voluminous Report. The Congested Value District. Improvement in the Fire Department Contemplated by the City Government. Special Fire Main System. Commission government became effective July 1, 1913; the commission consists of the mayor and four commissioners, elected by the voters at large for four-year terms. The present members are: George L. Baker, mayor and commissioner of public safety; A. L. Barbur, commissioner of public works; C. A. Bigelow, commissioner of public affairs, and John M. Mann, commissioner of public utilities. The population of Portland, Ore., is 280,000. The city is an important manufacturing and distribution center. The grades are moderate in the business district; some steep grades elsewhere. Streets are in poor to fair condition. Numerous grade crossings. Average wind velocities low, high winds infrequent. Winter temperature is not…

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