Issue 22 and Volume 62.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Fire and Water in the Cotton Carding Department 401 Notes on the Presumptive Test of Water for B.-Coli 403 Canton Water Commission Recommends More Wells 403 Correspondence 404 Fire Conditions in Portland, Ore. (Illustrated) 405 Carbon Tetrachloride as Cleaning and Solvent Agent 407 The Danger of Holiday Fires 407 Large Plant Damaged at Oshkosh, Wis. (Illustrated) 408 Auto Stock Lost at Jackson .. 408 Laundry Loss at Bozeman .. 408 Fire in Nova Scotia Plant .. 408 Canadian Tanning Plant Burns ….. 408 Historical Facts and Figures. (Illustrated) . 410 Portraits of Chiefs Prominent in the Service (Illustrated) . 410 The Development of the American Fire Service for One Hundred Years (Illustrated) … 413 Well Known Chiefs of the Past (Illustrated) . 419 High Pressure System (Illustrated) . 422 Among the Manufacturers (Illustrated) … 424 Directory of Fire Chiefs . 429

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