A Fire Proof Building

Issue 22 and Volume 62.

A Fire Proof Building The Schiller Theatre, a skyscraper, sixteen stories in front and twelve in the body and rear, and in insurance parlance a combination hazard, as it contained a theatre, restaurants, stores, club rooms and offices, is an example of the steel skeleton school of fireproof structures. The integrity of this structure being maintained by a steel framework, the exterior of which is covered with hollow tile in imitation of stone work, served the dual role of protecting the metal structures from the damaging leverage incident to applied heat, and also acted as “mere curtains to screen the various apartments from vulgar gaze,” or in other words, they formed the ostensible outer walls of the building, but contributed nothing in strength towards the maintenance of the structure. The architect’s definition of a fireproof building is, one so constructed that a fire within its own walls, fed by its…

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