The Deluge Set

Issue 22 and Volume 62.

The Deluge Set This was an invention of Samuel Eastman & Co., of Concord, N. H., designed to produce big streams through Siamese connection. Since 1887 it has grown in much favor and is now one of the regular tools used in the fire service. A notice of it, which appeared in August, 1887, says: At this late day it seems almost superfluous to say more upon the subject, which has been so often before discussed, of the great importance of utilizing large streams of water in fighting serious fires. Experience, which demonstrated to firemen the folly of deluging an incipient fire with a far more powerful stream than was needful for its extinguishment, and brought about the invention of the controlling nozzle and relief valve, has shown them also the need of attacking a blaze which has already assumed threatening proportions, with a large quantity of water quickly concentrated…

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