The Swinging Harness

Issue 22 and Volume 62.

The Swinging Harness This journal answered the question of who invented the swinging harness by the following statement on January 5, 1879: We have been asked regarding the controversy over the swinging harness. As we understand it, Mr. O’Sullivan invented the suspended harness while in San Francisco and obtained a patent upon it. Subsequently there were business transactions between him and Joseph Speddy, of Cleveland, when O’Sullivan assigned to Speddy an interest in the patent. O’Sullivan claims that the assignment did not constitute a sale, but was executed simply as security for a loan. Speddy claimed the assignment as bona fide, and had it recorded in the Patent Office. Whether the money advanced by Speddy to O’Sullivan was in the nature of a loan, secured by the assignment, or whether it was in payment for an absolute interest in the patent, seem to be the mooted question. It is an…

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