Fireproof Construction in Buenos Aires

Issue 22 and Volume 62.

Fireproof Construction in Buenos Aires On April 22, 1893, a correspondent of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, says: “Kindly allow some remarks about the fires that constantly occur. I began business life about half a century ago in a fire insurance office in Glasgow, and afterward going to Buenos Ayres, I was astonished to find no need for fire insurance offices there, as the whole city is fireproof, and not from using the arch or iron, but a hard wood which is brought down the river a thousand miles. The joists of this hard wood bear rails, which are placed near enough to bear long, thin bricks, on which tiles are laid in lime, with a carpet above. The roofs are constructed in the same manner, and are terrace-like. No boxing of doors and windows, nor skirting nor wainscoting of wood, but plaster and stucco instead.”

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