Issue 26 and Volume 62.

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Development of the American Fire Service for One Hundred Years (Illustrated) 485 The Water Supply of Battle Creek (Illustrated)487 Improvements Contemplated in the Water Supply of Chester 488 New Pure Water Supply System to Be Installed at Zanesville, O 488 New York Fire College Course (Illustrated)489 December Meeting of the New York Section of American Water Works Association 491 The Halifax Disaster (Illustrated)… 492 Former Soap Factory at Monmouth Makes a Hard Fire to Control (Illustrated) . 494 Back Draft Explosion Injures Twenty Firemen in New York City.. 494 Many Horses Killed in Chicago Fire. 494 New Water Plant at Durham. 496 Utilizing Fire Departments for Fire Prevention Work. 495 Convention of American Water Works Association. 496 The New Chief of Wichita (Illustrated). 497

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