Issue 26 and Volume 62.

THE WATER SUPPLY OF BATTLE CREEK Ownership—Works owned and operated by the municipality supply practically all built-up sections within the city limits and a few consumers outside. Construction was commenced in 1886. Organization. Works are under the direction of E. J. McPeake, commissioner of public works, and are under the direct supervision of W. W. Brigden, who has been superintendent and engineer of the department for the past thirty years. Consulting engineers are employed in connection with extensive improvements. There are thirty permanent employees. Quarters—Offices are in the city hall; shop and storage yard on Hamblin avenue, between McCamly and Jefferson streets. General Outline of System. Supply from Goguac lake is pumped at a station located about two miles southwest of the principal mercantile district and 90 feet higher in elevation; supply from flowing driven wells is pumped at an electrically operated station, located about three miles northeast of the…

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