Issue 26 and Volume 62.

OBITUARY Joseph E. Fulper Joseph E. Fulper, superintendent of the Washington, N. J., Water Company, died suddenly on December 8. Mr. Fulper took pride in the Washington Water Company’s affairs and property. He was one of the organizers of the company, of which he was secretary and superintendent. It was largely through his efforts the new reservoir was constiucted two years ago. Ezekiel Smith. Ezekiel Smith, assistant chief and senior member of the Elmira, N. Y., fire department, died December 18. “Zeke” Smith was well and favorably known. He had been connected with the Elmira fire service for over fifty years. As a fireman he was fearless and at all times zealous and efficient, and as a man was outspoken and of most excellent character. Mr. Smith was advanced a few years ago to the office of assistant chief, which position he filled with honor.

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