Issue 1 and Volume 63.

THE UNATTENDED NIGHT FIRE HAZARD. Two fires recently reported in our columns had their origin in very similar circumstances, though the cause in the respective cases was different. In the first instance, a coal stove was left alight in a store, and through someone’s inadvertence or carelessness, the drafts on the stove were left turned on. The very natural result followed that the unattended stove became red hot, the fire was communicated to a wooden partition and a bad blaze was the result. In the other case, a hot plate supplied by natural gas was left •on a wooden box overnight, with the gas lighted, but turned low. But the individual responsible for this act had not taken into consideration that after a certain time, the natural gas users turning off their lights for the night, the pressure was greatly augmented. The plate became overheated, set fire to the wooden…

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