Issue 2 and Volume 63.

FILTRATION The filtration plant at Lorain, O., has successfully withstood severe tests and is giving the best of results. The city council of Wheeling, W. Va., were considering the advisability of installing a filtration plant. The health board of South Bend, Ind., has officially sanctioned the city water as pure. No boiling is necessary. Pumps at the new filtration plant at Batavia, N. Y., have been tested and found to be in perfect working order. The basin holds nearly 3,000,000 gallons. A filter wash system at Fort Collins, Colo., by gravity pressure does away with the use of a large engine heretofore required to pump water for the washing process. Analysis of the present filtered water at Gardiner, Me., compared with that of former years, shows the wisdom of installing the modern filter plant, which cost about $75,000. Contemplated improvements to the Lorain, O., filter plant will be new basins,…

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