Issue 2 and Volume 63.

NEW YORK FIRE COLLEGE COURSE USE OF TOOLS AND APPLIANCES. (Continued from page 7) Eureka Pipe Holder.—This holder is used for heavy streams, i. e., where three or four lines are siamesed into a single line. Fig. 22 shows the Eureka holder folded, and Fig. 23 shows it in position. The method of operating it is very simple. The two longest legs are brought backward, while the two short legs and the two legs on the end of the crosspiece are set in the same plane, the two shorter in the center and the two longer to the sides. The hose is snapped in the holder, allowing about 18 inches to extend through it, so that a little side play is permitted. Hammer Head Pick.—Used principally for removing flooring and other service for which the ordinary pick is employed. This tool, Fig. 24, can be used also for pulling the…

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