Issue 3 and Volume 63.

NEW YORK FIRE COLLEGE COURSE (Continued from page 25.) PROBATIONARY FIREMEN’S SCHOOL. The regular instruction in this school, in which all probationary firemen shall be proficient at the completion of their course, is as follows: Thorough practical instruction in the use of all the tools, fittings and proper size nozzles used by the Department in extinguishing fires. The handling and using of scaling and ordinary ladders. Crossing from window to window or from house to house with scaling ladders. Hoisting and lowering ladders, large hooks and fire extinguishers to and from the roof. Coming down rope from roof and windows and carrying a person down. Also lowering others by rope from roof and upper floor windows. Jumping into life net and properly holding same; also other life saving appliances. Discharging life gun, thereby throwing life line to roof. Making different approved knots. Connecting lines of hose to cellar pipe, sub-cellar…

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