Issue 3 and Volume 63.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS Batavia, O., has been facing a water shortage in the sources of supply. A new pump has been installed at the Lorain, O., water works plant. Water supply at Creston, Ia., has been tested and pronounced pure by the state chemist. Health Officer McComb, of Menominee, Wis., has stated that the city water was never so pure as it is at the present time. The city of Eldora, Ia., has let a contract for the drilling of a 12-inch well to furnish the city water supply. A new motor-driven pump has been completed at Swinney Park, Fort Wayne, Ind., and officially tested. Toston, Mont., has a new water system which consists of a storage reservoir about one and a half miles from town, and 14,000 feet of main. It is announced that the U. S. army will accept qualified applicants for Water Supply Company, Twenty-sixth Engineers,…

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