Issue 3 and Volume 63.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Readers of Fire and Water Engineering are invited to send in questions, which will be answered in the order in which they are received. Hazards of Storage Warehouses. To the Editor: Some time ago you answered a correspondent in your columns regarding the hazards in connection with refrigerating plants and storage plants. I would like some information on storehouses and their hazards. In the first place, what is meant by “Listed Storage Stores?” What are some of the principal hazards in connection with such stores and storehouses, including, of course, the ordinary type of warehouse. I would like this answered through your “Questions and Answers” columns. Respectfully yours, P. O’C., Fire Department. New York City, Jan. 2, 1918. Answer: An answer to the latter part of your question would involve quite an elaborate piece of work, in fact, too much to be given in the columns of…

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