Issue 3 and Volume 63.

IMPORTANT RECENT FIRES (Specially Reported for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.) The following are among the important recent fires occurring in various sections of the country, which have been specially reported to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: Natural Gas Hot Plate Causes Fire in Youngstown A lighted hot plate carelessly left overnight on a wooden box caused a fire at Youngstown, Ohio, on December 11. The Rogers Clothes Shop, dealers in ready-to-wear clothing, was supplied by natural gas, the pressure of which is much augmented after 10 p. m., owing to the shutting off of so many of the users for the night, and the plate, although turned down low at the time of quitting work, became hot enough to ignite the wood upon which it had been placed, between 10 and 11 o’clock. A citizen who discovered the blaze gave a still alarm at the station, and when the firemen arrived…

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