Issue 3 and Volume 63.

THE THREE-LINKED CHAIN. In another column is published an interesting paper entitled “Fire Prevention Possibilities,” by T. Alfred Fleming, Fire Marshal of Ohio, which was read before the annual convention of the National Association of Fire Marshals held in New Orleans, La., on November 14-15, 1917. As the Fire Marshal expresses it so quaintly, “the possibilities of Fire Prevention are anchored in the bay of Hope by a three-linked chain whose units are so closely forged as to seem one homogeneous whole.” These three links are, first. Standardization; second. Co-operation, and, third, Conservation. In speaking of his first link, Standardization, he suggests the necessity of a uniform standard blank for interchange among fire marshals, and gives the form of such a blank, which we publish in connection with his paper. Another very important suggestion is contained in these words of Mr. Fleming; “I am of the opinion that some standard…

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