Issue 3 and Volume 63.

PERSONALS Joseph P. Figg, superintendent of the Savannah, Ga., water works, has resigned. Daniel P. Tierney has been elected chief of the Sayre, Pa., fire department. Chief Kent, of the Oswego, N. Y., fire department, has resigned to engage in other work. Superintendent James A. Simpson, of the Steubenville, O., water works, has resigned. Charles Steward, senior director of the Lehigh Water Company, Easton, Pa., died December 18. The appointment of Chief Handlett as head of the Newton, Mass., fire department has been made permanent on referendum vote. At Savannah, Ga., L. A. East has been placed in charge of the water works pumping stations. He succeeds J. P. Figg, resigned. William F. Doyle, of Brooklyn, is the new head of the Bureau of Fire Prevention of New York City. He succeeds Joseph O. Hammitt. At the election of the Detroit, Mich., fire commissioners Charles F. Clippert was named president;…

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