Issue 6 and Volume 63.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS Council of Uniontown, Pa., will consider the petition of the firemen for wage increases. The proposition of installing a complete machine shop for fire apparatus repair work is being considered by the city council of Madison, Wis. Firemen at Bloomfield, N. J., want increased wages, threatening to give up their position if their demands are not met. Salary increases to Nashville, Tenn., firemen were not realized as the bill passed by the State Legislature providing for the increase has been declared invalid. Officers of the St. Louis, Mo., Firemen’s Fund Association were elected as follows: J. Gilfoil, president; M. J. Curran, vice-president; Charles Toussaint, treasurer, and Louis E. Ott, secretary. The city council of Springfield, Mo., has decided to give the city firemen two weeks’ vacation each year. Chief William Price suggested this action, as he argued that their 24-hour per day duty entitled them to two…

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