Issue 6 and Volume 63.

FILTRATION The alleged pollution of the Rahway River, supplying water to Rahway, N. J., has been under the investigation of the N. J. State Board of Health. Potable water at Montclair, N. Y., is ordered to be boiled, as it is partially unfiltered on account of the extra demands upon the East Jersey Water Company in supplying the City of Jersey. The question of water purification for Springfield, Ohio, is again under consideration. Albert T. Smith, of New York City, an expert on the subject of ultraviolet ray purification, has been in the city conferring with city officials on the advisability of installing the ultra-violet ray system here. Investigation by the New York State Department of the health of the water supplies of the villages of Arcade, Warsaw and Franklinville, N. Y., reveals pollution in the Warsaw supply and a general satisfactory condition in the water of Franklinville and Arcade,…

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