Issue 6 and Volume 63.

NEW YORK FIRE COLLEGE COURSE FIRE STREAMS, NOZZLES AND HOSE LINES. (Continued from page 74) Use of Different Nozzles—Controlling Nozzle. Regarding the use of nozzles, a controlling nozzle (Fig. 55), should be used at all times when working in a building, where it is apparent that there will be considerable shifting of the line. Whether entering the floor of a commercial building, a loft building, a store, a flat house, a tenement or an appartment house, do not be too anxious to open the nozzle. Where there is a great deal of smoke, but no great amount of heat, water should not be used until the fire is located. By waiting until the fire is seen, a considerable amount of unnecessary water damage may be avoided. A delay of a few seconds may give the smoke time enough to break and disclose the seat of the fire. Shut off the…

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