Issue 6 and Volume 63.

WATER RATES Increased rates for water to the customers of the Hackensack, N. J., Water Company went into effect January 1. Consumers of city water in Kansas City, Mo., will be called upon to pay an increase in rates from 20 to 25 per cent, in order that increased wage scales and increased expenses may be met. The water commissioners of Brockton, Mass., have approved a new schedule of water rates which carry a slight increase of about 10 per cent. The new rates become effective March 1. There arc less than 10,000 consumers and the advance will be only about $1.20 per year on each. At Ludlow Falls, Ohio, the mayor has recommended that water rates to large consumers be increased and the present rate to small users remain. A minimum rate of 9 cents for 100 cubic feet, a maximum rate of 14 cents and a flat rate…

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