Fire Department Trailer

Issue 7 and Volume 63.

Fire Department Trailer The Miami Trailer Company, Troy, O., make a special fire department trailer, an illustration of which appears on this page, the specifications being as follows: Timken 11/4-inch axles, with roller bearings; artillery wheels, 32-inch, l1/4-inch spokes and 11/4-inch rim; 11/4-inch solid rubber tires; short gear, special design; semi-elliptical springs, oil tempered, 11/2x 38 inches front, 6 leaves, and 11/2×38 rear, 5 leaves; from ground to bed, 26 inches in height. Special shock-absorbing draw-bar; 70-inch wheel base. The body is 96×38 inches, in 12-inch panel oak frame. Handrail extending from front to rear step. Ladder rack on left side of body. Eight-inch fender over front and rear wheels, connected in center with foot board, sufficient to carry two men on each side. Electric tail-light lamp. Capacity, 1,250 pounds. Weight, 575 pounds. Price, $235.

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