Issue 7 and Volume 63.

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE DRILL-SCHOOL. Along the lines laid down by the New York Fire College, the course of which is being published exclusively in the columns of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, the fire inspection bureau of a western State—being a branch of the National Board of Fire Underwriters—has made some very important recommendations to the fire department of one of its cities, that if adopted will result in greatly improving the efficiency of the members. It is suggested that the fire department headquarters, known as No. 1 Station, be remodeled to accommodate a drill school, additional men and apparatus. A competent officer will he in charge and all members of the department will be drilled at regular intervals in the use of all fire appliances, quick handling of hose, salvage work and life saving. A suitable fireproof drill tower will he constructed at the rear of Number 1 station,…

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