Wilmington Firemen Badly Hampered by Frozen Hydrants

Issue 8 and Volume 63.

Wilmington Firemen Badly Hampered by Frozen Hydrants A residence fire that had gotten great headway, owing to a misunderstanding in sending in the alarm, occurred at Wilmington, Del., on the morning of February 6. The building, a dwelling house, 50×100 feet in size and three stories in height, was in the western part of the city and was about 50 years old, constructed of wood and stone. The fire was discovered by the crew of a passing trolley at 6:40 a. m., who immediately stopped the car and went to the rescue of the occupants of the house, using a ladder which reached to the second-story windows. Someone in the excitement phoned an alarm to the Brandywine Fire Company, some thirtyone blocks away from the scene of the fire, instead of the near-by firehouse. This company at once notified the nearer company, and about the same time the police stition…

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