New Fire Chief Appointed for the Pittsburgh Department

Issue 8 and Volume 63.

New Fire Chief Appointed for the Pittsburgh Department Director of Public Safety Charles B. Pritchard has announced the app.ointment of William Bennett as chief of the Pittsburgh, Pa., fire department. The appointment is regarded as an excellent one, Chief Bennett having had many years of practical experience as a fireman. When notified of his appointment, Chief Bennett said: “I will say that I will do my best, as I have always done in the past.” Chief Bennett is aged 56 years. He has been in the city’s employ for the last twenty-nine years. For the last fourteen years he has been on the South Side as chief of No. 12 station. He was appointed to the bureau of fire on February 20, 1889, and assigned as a driver to engine company No. 2. On November 1, 1891, he was made a lieutenant, and on December 1, 1894, was made a…

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