Youngstown Department Checks a Serious Garage Fire

Issue 8 and Volume 63.

Youngstown Department Checks a Serious Garage Fire A garage fire which might have proved serious, but for the prompt and good work of the fire department at Youngstown, Ohio, recently, broke out in the Friedman garage in the eastern part of the city. The alarm was pulled by a passer-by, who noticed smoke coming from the garage windows at 4.22 a. m. The building, which was 50 x 200 feet in area, and one-story in height, with no partition walls, was quite new, only having been built about one year. The fire is supposed to have caught from an over-heated pipe, as the roof was burning briskly when the firemen, under Chief Joseph Wallace, arrived The building was constructed of tile, but the roof was of frame, covered with felt, and proved an easy prey to the flames. Two hydrant streams were thrown upon the burning timbers, from 6-inch double…

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