Issue 8 and Volume 63.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS The council of Marshfield. Ore., have decided not to abandon the policy of municipal water plant ownership. An injunction to prevent the Huntingdon, Pa., Water Supply Company shutting off the water from Huntingdon users has been asked in Huntingdon county courts. The annual report of the Springfield, Mass., water department shows a balance on hand of $1,664.42. Extensive improvements were made during the last year in the work of overhauling the standpipe and the raising of the dam. Williams College, Williamstown, Mass., of which Fuel Administrator Garfield is head, has been closed for a two weeks’ period on account of failure of water supply. Reservoir and mains are both dry. At Glen Ridge, N. Y., an investigation will be made to secure an independent water supply. It is believed an improved supply may be secured from driven wells. The present supply is not sanctioned by health…

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