Issue 10 and Volume 63.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS The new water works pump at Lorain, O., will be completed in about two months. The city water at Greenville, S. C., is pure and in good condition, despite any peculiar taste due to chlorination. The Allentown, Pa., city council has created the position of superintendent of the municipal water department, at a salary of $2,400. A carload of cast-iron pipe has arrived in Loveland, Colo. It will be laid as soon as the ground conditions permit, in making water connections to the proposed new standpipe. A reservoir of 400,000 gallons is being built at Sylacauga, Ala., by the Sycamore Mills Company. It is situated on a mountain and the water will have a fall of 150 feet. Preparations are being made at East Liverpool, O., to install four new pumps at the new filtration plant. Fear of floods that would inundate the lower pumping station…

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