Issue 13 and Volume 63.

NEW YORK FIRE COLLEGE COURSE MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS. (Continued from page 201.) Fig. 87 shows a typical crank shaft arrangement for a six-cylinder engine. The method of attaching the pistons thereto is shown. The gear at the end drives the cam shaft gears, which in turn drive the water pump shaft and magneto shaft. The portion which connects the piston to the shaft is known as the connecting rod. The pistons, which are of cast iron, are grooved to take piston rings which have a certain amount of flexibility and which prevent leakage of gas between piston and cylinder walls. In a piston pump, when the piston is not tight, there is a certain amount of leakage through and which reduces the efficiency of the pump. Rut when to this piston good tight piston rings are added, the slippage may be greatly reduced. It is for this same reason that…

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