Issue 13 and Volume 63.

METERAGE The South Bend, Wis., water department has been considering the installation of 2,000 meters. The new water rates ordinance at Fort Collins, Colo., requires that meters be installed on every service. The consumer must pay for the meter and the installation, which will be under the city’s supervision. The trustees of the Huron, O., water plant expect to begin the work of installing meters early this summer. One hundred will be placed at first and the number increased until the whole village is metered. The West Chester, Pa., council has decided to use the meter system and hereafter every new house erected will be supplied with a meter. As a test, meters will be installed in theatres and hotels and business places. At Genesee, N. Y., where 60 per cent, of the water services are metered, figures in the yearly report show about three-fourths of the revenues were received…

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