Water Supply in Sac City

Issue 13 and Volume 63.

Water Supply in Sac City With a view to providing Sac City, Ia., with an increased water supply that will be adequate to its needs at ail times of the year, the city council has been considering several projects. Sac City gets its present water supply from springs. The trouble is a shortage in supply at critical periods such as the extremely cold weather in December and January when increased danger of fire made an abundant supply more than ordinarily necessary. The plans that have been taken up for consideration are: 1—Steps to increase the flow from the springs, assuming the permanence of the springs and expending considerable sums for increasing the outflow therefrom and conveying the water to the reservoir of the pumping station. 2—F.xpenditures to increase the outflow from the springs and inflow at the reservoir to such an extent as to meet the needs of the city…

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