Issue 13 and Volume 63.

CORRESPONDENCE American Water Works Association Sections. To the Editor: The American Water Works Association has, I know, several sections located in various parts of the country. Can you give me a list of the sections and the name of the presiding officer of each? Yours very truly, J. K. New York, March 23, 1918. [Sections of the American Water Works Association are as follows: California—Organization not completed. Canada section—Organization not completed. Central States section—Chairman, John N. Chester, Pittsburgh, Pa. Chemical and Bacteriological section— Chairman, Wilson F. Montfort, St. Louis, Mo. 4-State section—Chairman, Carleton E. Davis, Philadelphia, Pa. Illinois section—President, E. MacDonald, Lincoln, Ill. Iowa section—President, S. L. Etnyre, Council Bluffs, la. Minnesota section—Chairman, F. W. Cappelen, Minneapolis, Minn. New York section— Chairman, William W. Brush, New York City.—Ed.] Fire in Federal Sign System Factory To the Editor: We had quite a fire in our factory on March 13th, but we…

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