New Ladder Truck for Valparaiso

Issue 13 and Volume 63.

New Ladder Truck for Valparaiso The city of Valparaiso, Chile, will soon be in possession of its new Mack ladder truck, whcih has been shipped to it by the International Motor Company. This truck has many features which make it especially fit for the service intended. One of these features is an electric heater which keeps the motor at an efficient starting temperature. This heater is attached to the inlet manifold which keeps water warm around the cylinders, manifold and oil reservoir while the machine is idle in the fire house. Heater can be readily attached to any electric light plug in the fire house. The heated thermosyphons through the whole circulating system, insuring proper lubrication the instant the motor starts. This truck is also equipped with a special Mack “AC” fire department type motor, which will function efficiently at the excessive speed required of fire department apparatus. As the…

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