Issue 14 and Volume 63.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Fire Prevention Work in Canton 229 Annual Report of the Water Department of Detroit. (Illustrated). 230 Knoxville Fire and Water Departments. (Illustrated). 231 New York Fire College Course. (Illustrated). 232 Enderton Office and Store Building Burned in Winnipeg. (Illustrated) 234 Fire and Explosion in Jersey City Causes Heavy Damage. (Illustrated) 235 Long Battle With Flames in Extreme Cold at Rockland. (Illustrated 235 Difficulties in Fixing Guilt in Arson Cases. 239 Commissioner Wall Urges Meters to Prevent Waste in St. Louis 236 No Water Shortage in Dallas.236 Twenty Per Cent. Increases in Water Salaries in Kansas City. 236 Water Supply at Grinnell. 236 Wells Fail at Bloomington. 236 Retirement of Commissioner John Grady of the Boston Fire Department. (Illustrated). 238 William G. Panzer, Chief of the St. Louis Fire Department. (Illustrated) 238 Michael Fitzmorris Appointed Chief of Memphis. 238

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