Fire and Explosion in Jersey City Causes Heavy Damage

Issue 14 and Volume 63.

Fire and Explosion in Jersey City Causes Heavy Damage Fire, followed by a series of explosions which rocked New York City and showered burning brands across the North River, causing several small and one serious blaze on the river front, started in the building of the Jarvis Warehouse Company, Inc., which occupied nearly four blocks, within 500 feet of the North River. In spite of the great extent of the fire and the damage, estimated at over $2,000,000, no lives were lost and only about 10 persons injured, none severely. It is claimed that there were no high explosives stored in the building, but large stores of chlorate of potash, peroxide of hydrogen and picric acid, which in themselves are regarded as non-explosives. The fire originated from the act of a careless employee throwing a cigarette on some loose chlorate of potash. The fire, it is said, preceded the first…

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