Annual Report of the Water Department of Bangor

Issue 15 and Volume 63.

Annual Report of the Water Department of Bangor Superintendent M. A. Sinclair Tells of Good Conditions for the Year Bangor, Me., with a population of 30,000, is said to be, next to Chicago, the greatest lumber depot in the country, its annual shipments amounting to over 200,000,000 feet. The water department is under the supervision of M. A. Sinclair, superintendent, and in his annual report he says that the most serious break of the year occurred at the pumping station, the interior of which is shown herewith. It was found necessary to even remove a portion of the wall of the building before the repairs could be completed in a satisfactory manner. Eleven leaks have been repaired; three in hydrants and one in the main line. Gate Valves. The gate valves have had the customary annual inspection and are in good repair. He reports that it will be necessary to…

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