Minneapolis Has Stubborn Fire in Tar Roofing Plant

Issue 15 and Volume 63.

Minneapolis Has Stubborn Fire in Tar Roofing Plant Chief C. W. Ringer and 200 firemen of the Minneapolis, Minn., department had a long and hard fight with fire in the W. S. Nott Company’s patent roofing plant, filled with tarred roofing and tarred paper, the fire burning several days. The fire started from a tar kettle in the sub-basement, and fed by the contents, the flames made their way quickly through the structure, a four-story building, 40 by 128 feet, constructed of brick walls and wood interior and without partition walls. The only private fire protection equipment on the property was a barrel of water on each floor. A police officer discovered the fire at 5:30 p. m. and telephoned an alarm which brought Chief Ringer. The lower floors were then all afire and the entire building was filled with dense smoke from the burning tarred roofing and paper. Chief…

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