Issue 17 and Volume 63.

THAWING FROZEN PIPES BY ELECTRICITY. One of the lessons brought forcibly home to the water works men of the country—or at least to those of them whose departments are situated in the more northerly parts— by the unusually severe winter just past is the necessity of some quick and reliable method of thawing out the pipes of the patrons which through carelessness o_____ unusually cold weather have become frozen. Several of the departments have been experimenting with elecricity as a means to accomplish this result and in nearly every instance have pronounced it the most feasible. In Lawrence, Kan., for instance, E. H. Dunmire, Superintendent of the Water Works, reports that the department thawed some iorty services which were solidly frozen, by the use of a transformer borrowed from the electric light company of the city, two resistance boxes from the electrical department of the local university, and about 1,200…

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