The Liberty Hand Search Light

Issue 18 and Volume 63.

The Liberty Hand Search Light Two illustrations are given herewith of the new Liberty Hand Search Light, which the Woodhouse Manufacturing Company, 64 West Broadway, New York City, are now introducing to the fire departments. The size and construction of the new light, which is of heavy power and of compact and convenient shape, is as follows: Size, 8x6x6 inches, 1 inch projection for lens. Reflector is silver-plated and is either rigid or tilting, as desired. The battery is 6 volt, exide or equal, connected through a Cutler-Hammer switch, and connected to a 30-watt nitrogen lamp, properly focused to throw a beam of light about 500 feet. This battery running continually’ will light the lamp between five and seven hours; if used intermittently battery will last several weeks without recharging. The weight is about 12 pounds. The box is also waterproof and accessible by loosening the two wing nuts on…

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