Issue 18 and Volume 63.

NEW YORK FIRE COLLEGE COURSE MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS (Continued from page 285.) Ball bearings around the motor crank shaft extension take care of any side thrust produced by the gear on the shafft when only one unit is being used. The churn valve shown in Fig. 100 permits the water to be diverted from the discharge back to the intake chamber of the pump. It is used to permit the pump to run without discharging, in such cases as where the lines of hose are to be changed or different nozzles put on. The adjustable safety valve, also indicated in the same illustration, is a safeguard against excessive pressures which may damage the pump or stop the engine when a line is suddenly obstructed or shut off. It can be set to operate at the desired pressure, so that when the pressure in the pump is suddenly increased the valve…

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