The Water Division of Cleveland

Issue 18 and Volume 63.

The Water Division of Cleveland The source of supply of the water division of Cleveland, Ohio, is Lake Erie. The pressures vary, owing to the different elevations in the city, but the domestic service pressures range from 20 to 130 pounds, supplied by four different systems, low service, first, second and third high service systems. The average pressure in the fire service system in the downtown district, which is separate and distinct from the domestic, is 35 pounds when there is no fire, but can be boosted at the high pressure station up to 270 pounds, if demanded by necessity. There are three reservoirs, YVarrensville, 575 feet elevation, 22,250,000 gallons capacity; Kinsman, 324.2 feet, 35,615,800 gallons capacity; and Fairmount, 170.3 feet, capacity 80,542,000 gallons. The standpipe, a steel tower on steel supports, with tank 27 feet diameter by 50 feet deep, has a capacity of 200,000 gallons. There are six…

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