Issue 18 and Volume 63.

A WATER WORKS RESOLUTION. The Executive Committee of the American Water Works Association have adopted a resolution and published the same in the form of a circular letter dated April 8, which has been mailed to the members of the association. In this resolution, the text of which will be found on another page of this issue, the executive committee sets forth in a preamble the necessity for bringing to the attention of the general public the need for “an equitable balance between the cost of operation and management of water works and the revenue received from service, without which it is inevitable that the maintenance in a satisfactory manner of this vitally important essential must of necessity deteriorate.” The committee cites the case of the railroads, whose operating expenses were $416,000,000 greater in 1917 than in 1916, and yet whose income was $60,000,000 less and whose taxation was $60,000,000…

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