Convention of Southwestern Water Works Association

Issue 18 and Volume 63.

Convention of Southwestern Water Works Association The seventh annual convention of the Southwestern Water Works Association was held at Tulsa, Okla., on April 23, 24, 25 and 26, 1918. The headquarters were at the Hotel Tulsa. The convention was held in the Auditorium and the programme was as follows: Tuesday, April 23, F. M. Woodsen introducing J. H. Simmons, Mayor, Tulsa, Okla. Response to A dress of Welcome, J. A. Garrity, Dallas, Texas. Calling Roll, president’s Address. 2 p. m.—Report of Secretary and Treasurer. “Operating Difficulties in Mechanical Filter Plants,” C. Arthur Brow’n, Chicago, Ill. “Water and Sewage Sterilization,” C. A. Jennings, New’ York. “Cement of Cast Iron Water Pipe Joints,” Henry E. Elrod, Dallas, Tex. 4.30 p. m.—Auto Ride Over City. Wednesday. History Outline of the City Water Works of Tulsa, E. M. Stevens, City Engineer. “After the War Prices on W’ater Works Materials,” R. E. McDonnell. “Pumping by…

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