Issue 19 and Volume 63.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS The water board at Wakefield, Mass., has announced that the increased cost of materials and operation will make an increase in water rates a necessity. The Tamaqua, Pa., Water Commission, according to a court decision, must pay $1,200 surcharges for expenditures made without authority of the borough council. T. De H. Caldwell has been named water commissioner at Dunkirk, N. Y. He succeeds Dr. Harry B. Lyon, nowcommanding officer of the naval militia, at Norfolk, Va. Denver, Colo., expects to vote on the propositions of issuing $13,910,000 bonds for the purchase of the plant rights and equipment of the Denver Union Water Company. A special water election will be held soon. Late tests of the Detroit, Mich., drinking water have shown that it is within the standard set for fitness for use. City officials had ordered the water boiled. Its murky condition, however, has been removed…

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